Economical Pool Repair Honolulu

At Perfect Pools Oahu we provide economical plumbing and pool equipment repairs. If you’re a weekly pool service customer, you will receive 10% off repair labor and parts. We service Pentair and Pac Fab pool pumps and motors. We can coordinate everything from cleaning that chalky calcium build up on your pools tile line to installing a new energy efficient pool pump and installing a new salt cell to changing the sand in your sand filter. We have access to a contractor that can pressure test your plumbing to detect pool water leakage problems. When it comes to pool repair Honolulu, Perfect Pools Oahu is a great all around choice.

Reliable Pool Cleaning Honolulu

When it comes to pool repair Honolulu, we can address ( electrical timer boxes, Pac Fab / Pentair pumps and motors, tile cleaning, solar, tile replacement, sand filter change / DE element cleaning, plumbing pressure testing / water leak detecting, Polaris and Hayward pool sweep fixes.

  • Pac Fab / Pentair Pool Pumps / motors
  • Chlorine injectors
  • Pool Lights
  • Heaters- Pool / Spa
  • Sand / DE pool filters
  • Time clocks
  • Polaris / Hayward pool sweeps
  • Pool / Spa covers
  • Chalky white tile line cleaning – (Bead Blasting)
  • Inform customer of any equipment problems
Honolulu / Island wide: 754 - 6090




Pool Repair Honolulu

When it comes to Pool Repair Honolulu, we can address: (electrical, pumps and motors,energy efficient pool pumps, tile cleaning, solar, tile replacement, sand filter change, DE filter cleaning, plaster work, etc.) I have great contacts for pool deck repair as well... Our extensive network of Honolulu Pool Repair professionals allows us to call upon specialized experts if needed. We can install or repair whatever pool equipment you may need:

We repair: Pentair salt cells, Pac Fab motors, Pentair pool pumps, Pac Fab pool pumps, Hayward pool sweep, Hayward sand filter, Pentair triton 2 filter, DE pool filters, Polaris pool sweeps, Hayward pool sweeps, Hayward energy efficient pool pumps, Pentair energy efficient pool pumps, Intelli – Flo Pool pumps.

Enjoy the 3rd month of service free! …when you choose Perfect Pools Oahu.

As a signature 10 point Honolulu Pool Service Customer – receive 10% off install of Pentair salt cells and energy efficient pool pumps.

Pool Repair Honolulu Tips / Tricks

Don't use chemicals you don't need

Most pool chemicals will do something you want: but every pool chemical will do something you don't want. Many, many pool problems are caused by using chemicals that weren't necessary in the first place. This especially includes copper algicides, clarifiers and anti-stain agents. Don't use anything you don't need, and don't use more than you need of anything you do need.

10% active chlorine

Allowing even small amounts of different chlorine sanitizers to touch each other can be REALLY dangerous. In particular, trichlor and calcium hypochlorite can react dangerously on contact with each other. [Once they're dissolved in the pool, though, they get along fine.

Acid washing works by removing the top layer of your pool's surface

. Sometimes this is necessary, but think twice. Your pool surface will always be rougher after, than it was before.


I have been thru a few pool techs over the years for various reasons. I found Chris Keane of Perfect Pools Oahu from a referral of one of my neighbors. I have noticed a positive change in the condition of my pool and spa since Chris has taken over the pool service and chemical balancing. Chris is always prompt on his service day and spends the time to brush the walls, scrub the tile line and measure the chemical readings. I would pass the positive referral on for Chris Keane of Perfect Pools Oahu.

Blair Attwood - Hawaii Kai M.d.

To Whom It May Concern:
My name is Lee Osbourne, I have used Chris Keane of Perfect Pools Oahu for the last year and a half for my swimming pool maintenance. Chris has done a great job for us. We have had some issues with our “Jacuzzi” brand hot tub and Chris referred a tech with the right diagnosis equipment to fix the problem. I would give Chris Keane of Perfect Pools Oahu a good recommendation for reliable pool service in Honolulu.

Lee - Niu Valley
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